This 10 days bike tour follows the Conchucos valley and is a unique way to explore the Cordillera Blanca mountain range - you will see places that most of the other visitors will never do. The trail goes through the eastern side of Cordillera Blanca mountains, through the furtile soil, fields and several small villages. You will witness the everyday life and culture of the local people, as well as the picture-beautiful nature. This amazing route passes also the Chavin village, where you can explore the ancient culture via the famous ruins. Accommodation on this tour will be in tents.

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Itinerary in brief:
  • Day 1: Huaraz (3090m) - Jarapampa (3500m), 4-5 hrs by bike.
  • Day 2: Jarapampa ( 3500m) - Portachuelo de LLanganuco (4780m) - Vaqueria ( 3700m), 7-8 hrs by bike.
  • Day 3: Vaqueria (3700m) - Yanama ( 3400m) - San Luis (3130m), 7-8 hrs by bike.
  • Day 4: San Luis (3130m) - Huachococha (4340m), 7-8 hrs bike.
  • Day 5: Huachococha (4340m) - Chavin (3140m), 6-7 hrs bike.
  • Day 6: Chavin (3140m) - Matara (4500m), 8-9 hrs bike.
  • Day 7: Matara (4500m) - Huanzala (3800m), 8 - 9 hrs bike.
  • Day 8: Huanzala (3800m) - Quebrada Puncu (4800m), 5-6 hrs bike.
  • Day 9: Quebrada Puncu (4800m) - Carpa (4100m), 5-6 hrs bike.
  • Day 10: Carpa (4100m) - Pachacoto (4700m) - Catac (3640m) - Huaraz (3090m), 3-4 hrs bike.
Service covers: 
Bike, helmet, guide, transportation (two maintenance cars accompanying the whole circuit), meals, sleeping tent, mattress, kitchen utensils, cooking and dining tents, toilet tent. Excluded: Entrance fee to the Natural Park of Huascaran (65 soles), tips.

What to bring: 
Get prepared for heat, sun, rain and cold. Good biking shoes. Sleeping bag, bag for maintenance car. Toilet paper, headlamp, personal things. Water for the first day. Missing something? Ask Galaxia.
Don’t hesitate to ask more and sign up for this incredible adventure.