Huascaran S, 6768m (7 days)


Route: South Ridge via the Garganta
Elevation Gain: 650m from Camp 2, 3624m from Musho
Grade: PD+/AD-

Huascaran with it�s two peaks is the highest mountain in Peru and the third highest in South America (the south peak is the higher one). For a high mountain Huascaran is relatively easy to climb. There are no technical parts and the climb is fairly straight forward. The most important thing is a good acclimatization. It is possible to climb also the northern peak (6660m)

And what comes to logistics and transportation, we can get you a car to any destination in the area. From us you can also get porters, mule drivers and mules.

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Itinerary in brief:
  • Day 1: Car takes you from Huaraz to Musho from where you walk approximately 4-5h to the base camp (4200m) to sleep the first night.
  • Day 2: A 3h walk from the base camp to the Morraine camp (4900m).
  • Day 3: Ascending from Moraine camp to Camp 1 (5400m), approx. 4-5h walk.
  • Day 4: From Camp 1 approximately 5-6h walk to Camp 2 (6000m).
  • Day 5: Summit day. Ascending from Camp 2 to the summit of Huascaran. To reach the summit takes between five and seven hours. Depending on how you feel, descending to sleep in Camp 1 or in Camp 2.
  • Day 6: Descending back to the base camp.
  • Day 7: Returning to Huaraz.

What to bring:
Get prepared for heat, sun, rain and cold. Good waterproof shoes for high altitudes, sleeping bag, light daypack, toilet paper, headlamp, personal things. Missing something? Ask Galaxia.

Service covers:
High mountain equipment: ice axe, crampons, harness, down clothing and shoes if needed. Tent, mattress, transfers, UIAGM mountain guide services. Catering: lunch, dinner and breakfast. Muleter and mules. Excluded: park entrance fee (65 soles per person in 2012 - bring your passport number), tips for the staff.

  • Mountaineering at these altitudes requires good fitness and proper acclimatization.
  • If you have any food restrictions like allergies, vegetarian or religious restrictions, please inform us before the expedition
  • Inform the staff also if you have any issues related with the physical condition