Cedros Alpamayo (12 days)

Altitude: 3800m to 4860m
Rating: moderate

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  • Itinerary in brief:
  • - Day 1: Leaving early in the Morning, Galaxia bus takes you to the trail start at Cashapampa. 3,5h drive, 6h hike. Sleeping in Llamacorral, at 3800m.
  • - Day 2: Llamacorral-Taullipampa. Sleeping at 4200.
  • - Day 3: Taullipampa-Tuctu. Crossing Punta Union pass at 4750m.
  • - Day 4: Tuctu-Quisuar. Crossing Pucajirca pass 4640m. Sleeping at 3900m.
  • - Day 5: Quisuar-Jancampampa. Crossing Tupatupa pass at 4360m. Sleeping at 3600m.
  • - Day 6: Jancampampa-Huillca. Crossing Yanacon pass at 4610m. Sleeping at 4000m.
  • - Day 7: Huillca-Tayapampa. Crossing Mesapata pass at 4460m. Sleeping at 4400m.
  • - Day 8: Tayapampa-Jancarurish. Crossing Caracara pass at 4830m.
  • - Day 9: Jancarurish-Alpamayo Base Camp-Jancarurish
  • - Day 10: Jancarurish-Osururi. Crossing Ruinapampa pass at 4770m. Sleeping at 4650m.
  • - Day 11: Osoruri-Calamina. Crossing Jatunvientona pass at 4860m. Sleeping at 3650m.
  • - Day 12: Calamina-Hualcayan-Huaraz.

What to bring:
Get prepared for heat, sun, rain and cold. Good hiking shoes, sleeping bag, light daypack, toilet paper, headlamp, personal things. Water for the first day. Missing something? Ask Galaxia.

Service covers:
Mattress, tent, bag for mules, transfers, local guide services, mules and mule drivers, cook, breakfasts (except for the first day), lunches and dinners (except for the last day), separated kitchen and dinner tents with tables and chairs, toilet tent. Excluded: Payment for the camp sites which totals 165 soles but this varies year by year. Inquire when you sign up. Tips for the staff.

- If you're fit and well acclimitized, Alpamayo Circuit is also possible to do in 10-11 days
- Altitude: If you are coming from sea level or anything less than 2,500 meters, we suggest spending 2-3 days in Huaraz to acclimate before you set out on this trip.
- If you have any food restrictions like allergies, vegetarian or religious restrictions, please inform us before the trek.
- You can also purchase this trek as an individual tour, or buy only some parts of the service package - just contact us and we'll make you a good offer!

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