Alpamayo, 5947m (7 days)

Route: Southwest Face (Normal Route, The French Route)
Elevation Gain: 275m from the bottom of the face
Grade: AD+

Alpamayo is one of the most popular technical mountains in Cordillera Blanca. It has been declared one of the most beautiful mountains in the world and this nomination attracts climbers from year to year. Alpamayo is a technical mountain that requires experience, 2 piolets and it is recommendable to go with a certified mountain guide. The beautiful wall of Alpamayo is about 50-60 degrees with a steeper last part - about 70-80 degrees. In the itinerary there is one extra day in case of bad weather or the need to acclimatize more. From the Camp 1 you can also climb Quitaraju (6040m).

  • Itinerary in brief:
  • - Day 1: Car takes you to Caraz and from there to Cashapampa (2900 m). From Cashapampa you walk about 4-5- hours to Llamacorral where you camp the first night.
  • - Day 2: Approximately a 6h walk from Llamacorral to the base camp of Alpamayo in the Arhuaycocha valley.
  • - Day 3: You move from the base camp to the Morraine camp, approx. 3-4h walk.
  • - Day 4: A 4-5h walk from the Morraine camp to Camp 1.
  • - Day 5: Summit day. A 4-6h ascend to the summit of Alpamayo and 3-4h descend to Camp one. (Or if you feel great descend all the way to the base camp.)
  • - Day 6: Descending to the base camp or Llamacorral.
  • - Day 7: From base camp or Llamacorral to Huaraz.

What to bring:
Get prepared for heat, sun, rain and cold. Good waterproof shoes for high altitudes, sleeping bag, light daypack, toilet paper, headlamp, personal things. Missing something? Ask Galaxia.

Service covers:
High mountain equipment: ice axe, crampons, harness, down clothing and shoes if needed. Tent, mattress, transfers, UIAGM mountain guide services. Catering: lunch, dinner and breakfast. Muleter and mules. Excluded: park entrance fee (65 soles per person in 2012 - bring your passport number), tips for the staff.

- Mountaineering at these altitudes requires good fitness and proper acclimatization.
- If you have any food restrictions like allergies, vegetarian or religious restrictions, please inform us before the expedition
- Inform the staff also if you have any issues related with the physical condition

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